Press Stories

Written Description: Below is an article from TheCity covering BXCB6’s advocacy on shelter siting and oversight policy. The article covers a joint meeting with Community Board 5 to discuss shelter siting.

Written Description: Below is a News12 article about members of BXCB6 expressed their frustration on why vendor stalls at Fordham Plaza remain vacant despite $34M in renovations being completed over 7 years ago. The article describes how the Department of Transpiration (DOT) completed these renovations to make the area more pedestrian-friendly with more space for multiple vendors and a cafe, but DOT cited the COVID pandemic as the reason for the delay.

Written Description: Below is a City Article about a dangerous corridor of intersections in the West Farms neighborhood of the Bronx that has resulted in over 197 car crashes, 277 injuries, and 4 deaths since August 2011. There has been over a 15-year delay in the project to fix this issue and BXB6 has reached out to DDC to expedite the process.

Audio Description: Watch Bronx Community Board 5 & 6 District Managers discuss oversight over homeless shelter operations and the city’s lack of a shelter siting policy.

Audio Description: Watch as News 12 reports on a rally that took place among Bronx residents in West Farms on Monday, as they called on the city to address concerns on pedestrian safety.

Written Description: Below is a Norwood News article about BXCB6 wanting answers on the Fordham Plaza reconstruction. The article discusses the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) prior eviction of vendors and businesses from Fordham Plaza to facilitate reconstruction works in 2016 and that the retail spaces remain vacant, as well as ongoing issues such as vandalism and graffiti that result from the lack of daily space activation due to the vacancies.

Written Description: Below is a Bronx Times article about Fordham community leaders putting pressure on the Department of Transportation (DOT) for failing to find vendors seven years after the $34M Fordham Plaza renovation.

Written Description:Below is a New York Daily Times article about how the plan to revitalize Fordham Plaza in the Bronx has not met the community’s expectations, as vacant kiosks and retail spaces have turned it into a barren landscape. The article describes how the lack of permanent vendors has led to issues like vandalism and homelessness, and community members are demanding answers from the city Department of Transportation (DOT) about the situation. The $34 million investment from city, state, and federal funds has not yielded the desired results, and the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated the process.

Written Description: Below is a Bronx Times article about BXCB6 and Council member Feliz opposing a homeless shelter that the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) is planning to build on Webster Avenue. This shelter would be the 24th DHS facility in the area. The article discusses the oversaturation of homeless shelters in the area and suggests considering alternative methods of system distribution, such as creating a ZIP code-based request for proposals (RFP) system.


Written Description: Below is a Daily News article about a Bronx newsstand being replaced in favor of a delivery worker “street hub.” Mayor Eric Adams said that only empty newsstands would be used for these centers. The article discusses the owner’s frustration, emphasizing that the newsstand is an essential service for the community and has been in service for over 15 years.