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The largest university legal assistance program in the nation providing free and confidential citizenship and immigration law services since 1997. With more than 60 employees, 6 full-time centers and more than 45 part-time locations, we believe in empowering immigrants so that they are in control of their immigration case, a model of legal assistance called pro se. Through this model, our attorneys and paralegals help more than 12,000 individuals each year, all on the path to citizenship. In addition to our one-on-one services, we have also developed a model to help large groups with their immigration applications. The model is nationally recognized, has been implemented by other organizations, and has served thousands of immigrants who cannot afford to pay for private attorneys. We also work with our partners to offer Civics classes and workshops about immigrant rights, business creation, and finances. Annually, we hold more than 20 community-based events, not including seminars or classes.

Croton Filtration Monitoring Committee
(Members are BXCB7, BXCB8, BXCB12)

Meeting held on January 31, 2023
Meeting Recording

The New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) was established upon passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) in March 2021 to implement a regulatory framework for medical and adult-use cannabis and hemp in the state of New York. This includes, but is not limited to production, licensing, packaging, marketing and the sale of cannabis.

What You Need to Know: Fact Sheet

What Parents, Mentors, and Trusted Adults need to know about Cannabis (Multiple Languages Offered)

Public Health and Safety: Fact Sheet

Due Diligence & Application Process Checklist

Due Diligence and Application Process One Pager

Notification to Municipalities of Adult-Use Retail Dispensary or On-Site Consumption License



Community Boards and local municipalities may relay to the state and/or local enforcement information about activities that may be in violation of the Cannabis Law.

Suspected violations or complaints can be sent to [email protected].

Suspected violations or complaints can be reported online at:

Whenever possible please include the following information when submitting a complaint:

  • Name of business
  • Time of alleged illicit activity
  • Location of alleged illicit activity
  • Pictures of alleged illicit activity
  • Indicate if there has been previous police contact (i.e., 911 calls)
  • Proximity to sensitive use locations (e.g., school, house of worship)
  • Contact information of the person reporting the alleged illicit activity (i.e., phone number in case there are follow up questions).

Dispensary Location Verification:

5602-04 Broadway

The below presentation was given to Bronx CB8’s Land Use Committee on June 5th, 2023 regarding a pre-certification application for a rezoning at 5602-04 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10471.

5602-04 Broadway Rezoning – CB8 06-05-23

6661 Broadway- Proposed Homeless Shelter

The Department of Social Services is proposing to build a homeless shelter for 130 single men at 6661 Broadway. The provider would be African American Planning Commission Inc. Please see below links with important information. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to the Board Office.

BX CB8 DHS Questions and Requests
Shelter Facilities for Homeless Single Adults Open-Ended RFP_EPIN 07119I0001
Q&A Provided by Department of Social Services
Turning the Tide
Chair Spalter’s Testimony at the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services (MOCs) Hearing held on November 16th

For more information, please call the Community Board Office.

160 Van Cortlandt Park South


On Friday May 19, the Demolition Contractor will start demolition of the existing buildings at 160 Van Cortlandt Park South. Demolition will take approximately 6 weeks, and work will occur within DOB approved working hours of 7AM to 6PM.

On Tuesday, 4/11/23 representatives from Tishman Speyer provided detailed information on frequently asked zoning questions with regards to their project:

  • Was there a zoning lot merger?
  • No – prior to the sale, the property formerly owned by the Archdiocese (Block 3271, Former Lots 150 and 175 (the “Archdiocese Property”) was a pre-existing zoning lot under paragraph (b) of the definition of “zoning lot” in ZR Section 12-10:  “a tract of land, either unsubdivided or consisting of 2 or more lots of record, located in a single block,  under common ownership, which, on December 15, 1961, or any applicable subsequent amendment thereto, were in common ownership.
  • In anticipation of the bifurcated sale of the Archdiocese Property to Tishman Speyer (“TS”) and the New York City School Construction Authority (“SCA”), the Archdiocese Property was reapportioned into two (2) separate tax lots: Lot 160 (the “SCA Parcel”) and Lot 150 (the “TS Parcel”).   However, there was no separate zoning lot subdivision so the SCA Parcel and TS Parcel remain a single zoning lot.
  • What is the purpose of the Zoning Lot Development and Easement Agreement (“ZLDA”) between the SCA and TS?
  • Although ZLDA’s are often executed when two separate zoning lots are merged in order to transfer floor area (or development rights) from one parcel to the other, they are also executed when there are multiple development sites on a pre-existing zoning lot, as is the case here.
  • The ZLDA allocates development rights between the SCA Parcel and TS Parcel and grants a number of permanent easements benefitting the SCA Parcel and burdening the TS Parcel:
  • The ZLDA grants SCA a permanent easement providing access to the courtyard on the TS Parcel to allow the SCA to construct and maintain portions of the school facing the courtyard.
  • The ZLDA grants SCA a permanent easement for light and air over a portion of the TS Parcel.
  • The ZLDA grants SCA a permanent perpetual easement over 2,500 square feet (“sf”) of the TS Parcel to be used by the SCA for a grade separated play area (below image from the ZLDA illustrates the location of the playground easement)
  • The ZLDA also grants reciprocal easements and licenses for construction and maintenance of the respective buildings.

  • Were development rights transferred between SCA and TS? If so, please share details.
  • The lot area of the SCA Parcel is 21,809 sf.  In an R7-1 district, the maximum floor area ratio (“FAR”) for community facility uses is 4.8.  Accordingly the SCA Parcel, considered as if a separate zoning lot, generates 104,683.2 sf of community facility floor area (=21,809 sf * 4.8).  The ZLDA allocates 103,645 sf of community facility floor area to the SCA Parcel, leaving 1,038.2 sf of additional floor area available for the TS Parcel.  This amount is less than 1 percent of the floor area generated by the SCA Parcel and is not utilized by the TS parcel.
  • The amount of floor area proposed for the residential building on the TS Parcel is 263,984 sf, which is less than the 270,059.6 sf of development rights allocated to the TS Parcel under the ZLDA.
  • Was the lot coverage figure provided during the CB presentation reflective of the whole block or just TS Parcel?
  • For purposes of last month’s presentation, we provided an average lot coverage ratio for the residential building on the TS Parcel based on the lot area of just the TS Parcel.
  • Total Lot Coverage of Residential Building (35,812 sf) / Lot Area of TS Parcel (56,047 sf) = 63. 9%
  • For zoning purposes, lot coverage is calculated separately for “corner lot” portions of zoning lot (i.e., portions within 100 feet of a corner) and for “interior lot” and “through lot” portions of the entire zoning lot.
  • For interior and through lot portions, the maximum lot coverage permitted is 65%.  For the interior and through lot portions of the TS Parcel, the lot coverage of the residential building is approximately 16,954 sf and the lot area is approximately 33,070 sf, resulting in a lot coverage of 51.3%.
  • Accordingly, the residential building uses less lot coverage that what would be permitted on the TS Parcel if it were a single zoning lot, which we understood to be CB’s concern.
  • For corner lot portions, the maximum lot coverage permitted is 100%.  For the corner lot portions of the TS Parcel, the lot coverage of the residential building is approximately 18,858 sf and the lot area is approximately 22,977 sf, resulting in a lot coverage of approximately 82.1%.
  • We do not have the SCA’s zoning calculations for the school, but even assuming the SCA maximizes the footprint of the school, the total lot coverage of both buildings would continue to comply with zoning requirements.
  • The lot coverage of the corner lot portions of the residential building and the school would total to approximately 37,600 sf and the lot area of the corner lot portions of the zoning lot would total to approximately 41,730 sf, resulting in an estimated lot coverage of approximately 90.1%, which is less than the maximum permitted 100%.
  • The lot coverage of the interior and through-lot portions of the residential building and school would total to approximately 20,010 sf and the lot area would total to approximately 36,128 sf, resulting in a lot coverage of approximately 55.4%, which is less than the maximum permitted 65%.
  • Note that these are estimates based on assumptions what the SCA intends to construct on the SCA Parcel.
  • What is the Declaration of the Zoning Lot Restriction document?
  • The Declaration of Zoning Lot Restrictions is one of several zoning exhibits required by the DOB for new building permits.  It is a form document describing a zoning lot that is comprised of multiple tax lots and executed by the owners.  It can be used to confirm a pre-existing zoning lot, as was the case for the TS/SCA zoning lot.


On 3/23/23 the developer Tishman Speyer presented to the BxCB8 Land Use Committee on updates to their project at 160 Van Cortlandt Park South.  Please find the presentation here, and a link to a recording of the meeting here.

The School Construction Authority(SCA) is proposing a 736 seat primary school facility at the former site of Visitation, 160 Van Cortlandt Park South, in the Kingsbridge community.  It is anticipated that the new school will open for student occupancy in September 2027.

The purpose of the proposed project is to provide additional permanent public school capacity to meet the needs identified in the DOE’s Five- Year Capital plan. The proposed new school facility will be a five- story structure and will contain approximately 103, 654 gross square feet, with its main entrance located on Review Place. The school will serve students in the grade levels Pre- Kindergarten through five and special education students enrolled in a District 75 (citywide special education) classrooms.

The SCA has determined that the proposed action described will not have a significant adverse effect on the quality of the environment, and draft impact statement (DEIS) will not be prepared.

Despite no formal or statutory comment period for a Negative Declaration, SCA encourages community input. Please submit comments or questions to [email protected]

School Construction Authority Negative Declaration 

Environmental Assessment Form (EAF)

Together for Kingsbridge/ Armory Updates:

The Together for Kingsbridge Vision Plan (also available in Spanish) reflects the community’s values, ideas, and perspectives, all of which we heard during the engagement process. The Vision Plan is a crucial step towards making the Armory the economic engine for the Bronx, and it informed a request for proposals (RFP) for a developer to deliver on this collective vision.

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